Appraisal Services

Our services range from valuation of a single object, or selected objects, to appraising an entire Collection, Estate, or Corporate Collection. From valuable Antiques and Fine Art to general Residential Contents, we offer our clients several options to add inventory and documentation, allowing you to choose the format that is most appropriate for your needs.

Appraisals include:   On site Examination
                                    Digital Photography
                                    Research and Valuation
                                    Final Product: Certified Appraisal or Inventory, with                                     Numbered Digital Photos as Bound Hard Copy, and
                                    electronic delivery as well.     

We provide complete or partial  inventories, in a variety of formats, with or without valuation; this can include an aggregate valuation, where we determine the total value of your personal property that range from basic schedules to Museum quality cataloguing.

Consultations and Advice
Confidential advice on Buying or Selling property;  While we do note engage in buying an item outright (potential conflict of interest), we  are pleased to recommend various avenues to assist in the sale of a single item or an entire Estate.  We also make referrals on Conservation and Restoration needs (both on Paintings, Porcelains and Furniture)

Accredidted Senior Appaiser,
American Society of Appraisers
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