1.  What Fees are associated with your Appraisal(s)?   
      We basically charge a fee of $150 per hour for on-site valuation of items,
      that includes examination, cataloguing and photography.  Appraisal
      preparation at the office is $50 per hour, that includes any research needed,
      and final preparation of certified appraisal report and copies, and scanned
      to a CD if needed, and electronic copies furnished as well.

      *  For larger projects, a complimentary visit to the site and brief walk-
          through to determine entire scope and estimated cost of final product.

2.  When should I get an appraisal?  
     People get appraisals for insurance, estate financial planning purposes, charitable donations, 
      estate tax,  divorce, bankruptcy, damage or loss of property, equitable distribution of property
      An appraisal is a key element in protecting your interests, often serving as the cornerstone in
      a financial transaction.  

3 .  Will the appraiser know what "type" of appraisal value I need?
      There are different types of value and uses for an appraisal.  Tell us what the appraisal
      will be used for in order to ensure the correct value for your intended use. We understand
      the different types of values, assigned uses, and market levels.

​     A.  Replacement Value-Insurance Purposes, Loss and/or Damage claims  
           *  the price that it would cost to replace the item

​     BFair Market Value-Used for Charitable Donation, Gift or Estate Tax purposes, 
                                              Property Division, and Liquidation
         *    IRS Definition-The price at which the property would changes hands between a    
              willing buyer and willing seller, neither being under any compulsion to buy or
              sell, and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.

          *  Commonplace Language- The price an informed buyer will pay an informed
              seller with neither party being under duress, or abnormal pressure.

4.  I have never had anything appraised before. Is there a lot of preparation
     required of me before the appraiser comes to my home or office?
     It is best for you to have communicated as much as possible to us, the scope of the appraisal
      and the reason for its use. This also includes providing any pertinent information that might 
      be helpful in assisting with the valuation, as to provenance, gallery/retail receipts or
      certification, etc.  However, in some cases, there is no additional information, especially 
      if the items were inherited from a deceased relative, or purchased years ago without a 
      receipt or other documentation.

5.  I only need a handful of items appraised to settle my Mother's estate     
     with the other family members .  Do you handle "smaller" appraisals, 
     and what fees do you normally charge for this?
        Knowing that clients are sometimes in need of a single item appraisal, or on a smaller
      group of items, we can easily take care of those requests, and will always give an estimate
      of fees ahead of time, time, whether as a single amount, or a range if the complete scope 
      has not been established ahead of time. Our fees range, from hourly rates ($150 @ hour for 
     "on site" examination, cataloguing and photography), to "project" fees for larger assignments.

    *  Please feel free to contact us for an estimated quote for an appraisal.

             We  provide a close estimate of the fee, so that you can
                decide what works best for your needs and budget.

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